Video | Installation : link: Magnetic recording – H2G2 || Ellen Mueller VideoArt in the 90’s
Nam June Paik (robot dreams), Wolf Vostel l, Andy Warhol , Jim Campbell , Bill Viola #2 , David Hall , Michel Jaffrenou #2, Pippilotti Rist , Richard Serra , Woody Vasulka , Jenny Holzer , Bruce Nauman , Ryan Trecartin , Gary Hill , Peter Campus , The Residents (Die Antwoord #2 #3 ), David Wojnarowicz , Brian Eno #2 , JODI , Lev Manovich , Shirin NeshatTurbulence , Tony Oursler , Chris Cunnigham , Michel Gondry , Marco Brambilla , Eve Ramboz #1 #2, Mariko Mori Works Oneness Winter Solstice, POPPY / Titanic Sinclair Youtube Channel, We’re red together, Sleeping, CULT, Trouble, Birdcage, A plant, Zoe Leonard I want a President

Video Mapping : The Icebox , Lyon , Zocalo , Vivid Sydney, Branchage , Zaitania , Loomo , Dallas , Anti VJ , Rabarama , drawlight , Porsche Macan, Osaka Castle, Gallery InvasionBot & Dolly , Facial Projection , Ice Hockey ring,

Pirating: Emergency Broadcast Network
We will rock you Hello, Ode to the Brain
Pascal Lievre – ObamaGaga


• technology: modul8 / madmapper

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50 great (North American and euro-centric) video arts online

A brief history of Music Videos
33 weirdest music videos
• Google Chrome: Cube Music Video (interactive)


FINAL PROJECT: VIDEO ART PIECE . Subject: VIDEO DECONSTRUCTION. Create your own video art piece with any available tools at hand ( DV Cams, Cell Cams, VHS tapes, DVDs, webcams etc…) Minimum 1 minute excluding credits, maximum 3 minutes including credits. N/B: The audio of your video art piece MUST be completely copyright free and totally created by you. I encourage you to explore whichever available audio tools you have at hand. Be resourceful. Use your own voice or any other sounds you capture.

Student Examples

N. Rivera
M. Womack
E. Devine
TN Nguyen
N. Geronimo
M. Cable
M. Torrech
S. Long
S. Lynch
S. Cwalina
F. Erni
A. Triscritti
H. Nye
R. Azarcon
J. Ponzek
R. Pollock
T. Pham
C. Martino
F. Moran
C. Corrao
D. Casey
D. Fusari
A. Napp..
K. O’Neil