Lead Type , Abacus / Kipus / Encryption / Rosetta stone / Torah , Talmud, Kabalah / Automaton #1 Jaquet Croz / Napoleon’s semaphore telegraph / Morse code / binary conversion / vacuum tubes / ENIAC / the women behind ENIAC / transistors / chips / evolution of computers into networked environments GUI / Arpanet / Internet Dial up sound / Computing environments / Video Games / Bell Labs
Chuck Csuri , Lillian Schwartz , Robert Whitman , Laurie Spiegel Music Mouse + East River Dawn / Apple 1984 / Apple Blue Busters Commercial /

Virtual Community as a Cultural Construct: Grow Valley / Sim City / Civilization / Spore / Second Life

Game developing tools:


Create a work of art using the notion of “Grid Art“. More details to be given in class ( grid must be at least 30×30 units of your choice)


History of Computing Science by Michelle A. Hoyle
Computer pioneers
PC evolution
Computer History Museum
Computer History Timeline

Colossus: History / Celebration / Turing

History of ASCII Art
RTTY Art Historical Archives

History of Hypertext

History of Video Games
The video game revolution
Nintendo History
8 Bit digitizer
A brief History of MYST
Violence in games = Is tropical – The Greeks
Evolution of Graphics in Video Games

Triumph of the Nerds (1,2, 3 Playlist)


The Mother of all demos – D.C EngelbartYoutube

Grid Art

ASCII / 66K Cups / Keyboard / Screws / LEGOS / Desiree D’Alessandro / Ars e- lights / Diane Meyer
people as pixels
Yung Jake – Emoji Portraits #2
Nathan Wyburn (not really a grid, because he paints inside the pixel)
Chuck Close
NKorea Stadium
Crapestry / Jo Hamilton / Evelyn Kasikov / Nathan Sawaya / Minecraft Westeros / Post It Animation / Extreme Sheep LED Art /

Student Examples

L. Russel
R. Samples
A. Bass
D. Fusari
K O’Neill
S. Campins
C. Corrao
M. Markakis
R. Webb
M. Horan
T. Pham
J. Ponzek
R. Pollock
R. Azarcon
K. Thayer
H. Nye
A. Triscritti