Syllabus, goals of the class, required readings, general presentation and statistics of the students. Definition of ARTE (aesthetics) and TECHNE (instructions, reproduction) Episteme / Philosophy of Technology

Early History of Multimedia. Oral Tradition, Text, / Aristotle’s Poetics / Greek Amphitheater / Roman Circus ColiseumTechnology / 4th wall / Hagia Sophia / Middle Ages: Architecture and life Notre Dame / Religious vs. Pagan performance / Renaissance – Economics Medici / Gutenberg Print / 1492 // Baroque = America’s gold / Theatrum Mundi + Deus Ex Machina / Baroque Theater #2 / Control of Nature / Fibonacci Music


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• Send me an email BEFORE THE FOLLOWING CLASS from your personal UT email account, letting me know the url of your blog.

• Watch RAUL CUERO’s interview about Creativity and post your comments on your blogs on how can you apply these concepts to your everyday life.

Study reveals why some people are more creative than others

• Read Art Vs Design



Cecilia Bartolli – Sacrificium // Ombra Mai Fu
Farinelli – Gérard Corbiau (Katy Perry / Die Antwoord ) Alessandro Moreschi / Tomotaka Okamoto #2 / Jaroussky #2 / BBC #2 / Vatel – Roland Joffé / Baroque fireworks in Dubai / Monteverdi’s Orpheo / / Linda Benglis – Fluorescence
CDs: Atys + Danse ~ #1 #2 by Jean-Baptiste Lully, William Christie, Les Arts Florissants / Médée, Charpentier, Les Arts Florissants

Cornaro Chapel in Rome – Bernini
Church of St Ignatius in Rome

Krumlov Baroque Theater

Foucault on Panoptic and Carceral Society
Barthes and Wrestling (PDF)