Wayang Kulitvideo / Dührer / Camera Obscura: Abelardo Morell + Petapixel / Daguerre #1 #2 / Muybridge / Etienne Jules Marey / Edison Kinetoscope / Lumière / Méliès: Trip to the Moon + HUGO Martin Scorsese / Pierre et Gilles / Balla: dog //
Evolution of film in the 20th century
BW -> Animation -> Sound -> Color -> Stereoscopy -> big format -> Sensorama #1 #2

Harvard: History of Photography Timeline
Photo 2
The speed of Photography through the ages
leisure diving / ballet dancers in shower : pictorial Vs vernacular -> youtube documentary
Vernacular photography examples
Alternative Photography + Processes

Data shows film evolution

Assignment: Camera Obscura

Inspired by the works of Abelardo Morell create either a giant camera obscura in your room OR create a portable camera obscura using any portable sealed container to capture your environment. Make sure to document the entire processwith your cell phone cameras, or your own digital cameras, and post your results on your blogs.


Payton Astin / Kaley Gatley

Assignment: Flip Book Animation

Go to a thrift store and purchase an old book that you will use to create your own flip page animation. At least 200 frames (the book must have at least 400 pages, or 200 hundred pages so you can go to thend, and reverse the direction of the animation). Open topic.


Jason Theodor – Creativity = The act of connecting things in unexpected ways

Movies: Landmarks of Early Film Vols 1 and 2 Great Train Robbery – Edwin S. Porter / Eisenstein: Potiomkin / Griffith: Intolerance / Man with the movie camera – Dziga Vertov / La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc – Carl Dreyer / Metropolis – Fritz Lang / The Jazz Singer – Alan Crossland / The Blue Angel – Joseph Von Sternberg / Casablanca – Michael Curtiz / Wizard of Oz – Victor Fleming / Gone with the wind – Victor Fleming / Singing in the Rain – Stanley Donen / The Birds – Hitchcock / Citizen Kane – Orson Welles etc….


Emile Cohl #1 #2
Winsor McCay Little Nemo / NEMO / Gertie
Lotte Reiniger: BBC mini doc
Walt Disney How did he create Snow WhiteSteamboat Willie / Skeleton Dance / 12 principles of animation
Felix the Cat History / Feline Folies 19 / Marcel the shell
BLUBLU / Bottle #2 / Broken Fingaz / Hudson / Eness / Varanese / Japanese Pop Stars / Kinna Grannis / White Stripes / N.A.S.A / Oren Lavie / Move on (yarn) /
Animated gifs: ScifiHypnoticKevin WeirCinemagraphs #2 // Ray Harryhousen
Zoetropes Eric Dyer

D. Fusari
K. O’Neil
M. Markakis
R. Pollock
S. Cwalina
F. Erni
H. Nye
A. Triscritti
K. Adams
J. Asaro
L. Termini
M. Torrech
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